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You Can Dance. Week 7 Of Wellness

Dancer Pose

You can dance and you should.  Dancing like yoga is a fun form of exercise and it creates those happy hormones!  Dance, smile and laugh, if, you can.  It’s good for your health!

POSTURE – Dancer Pose

WISDOM – Having an attitude of gratitude is a serious game changer for your body, mind and spirit.  Prosperity is drawn to gratitude.

MANTRA – Repeat silently or quietly to yourself,  “Compare no more.”

MUDRA – (Ahamkara Mudra) – practice for 10 minutes for self-confidence – Bend the index finger slightly placing the thumb on the outside about half-way keeping the other fingers outstretched.

AFFIRMATION – Smile and say “I am Pretty (handsome) and I am likable.”

FEATURED PRODUCT – Because it’s so pretty, and so so helpful.  Click the picture to get yours today.

small body rock
small body rock

PRANAYAMA – This technique was developed by Dr. Weil – Begin by pressing your tongue on the gums just behind your front teeth. so that when you exhale a wooshing sound occurs.  Inhale through your nose for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, and exhale for 8 seconds making the wooshing sound. Repeat 3 times.

NUTRITIONAL ADVISE – Yes, salads when you eat them instead of other less nutritious foods will help you lose weight.  Water content and nutrient dense veggies make this a winner for the weight conscious.  Another good thing about salads is that there is an endless variety of ingredient combinations so you won’t get bored.

ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND  – We love a mask of Coconut oil and or Apricot Kernel Oil with 2 drops Frankincense, 5 drops Lavender, 2 drops Patchouli oil and 1 drop of Geranium oil.  Renewal for skin plus your vital energy will increase exponentially.


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Yoga Will Change Your Life.  Goo Roo’s is a personal approach to learning yoga.

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Your Grounded Life – Sixth Week Of Wellness

Mountain Pose Arms Overhead
Mountain Pose Arms Overhead

“Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff and it’s all small stuff… “

the wise title of the wise book full of wisdom by Richard Carlson Ph.D.  Yes, it’s been out for a while but, it still rings true.  Read it again and again to get a new insight or message each time.  Don’t sweat it and remember the key to good communication is listening.

Mountain Pose – (grounding and centering)  Stand with feet solidly on the floor feeling the connection on the four corners of your feet, balancing your weight at the center of the base your feet form.  Drift your weight upward stacking your knees above your ankles, hips aligned above the knees with the shoulders in line with hips.  Gaze forward with sitting bones tucked slightly under, rotate the inner thighs back releasing the lower back. Roll shoulder blades back and down. From the center of your being and up through the top of your head radiate up as if a string were pulling you toward the Universe while staying grounded through your feet.


Mantra – repeat this Tibetan Grounding Mantra silently or aloud

                    OM MANI PADME MUM

Mudra – Prithvi Mudra is good for feeling safe

 Place tip of ring finger to the tip of the thumb.

–                            Prithvi Mudra

 Affirmation –   I am stable. I am secure and strong.

Featured Product –                        KEEP ME GROUNDED MAT – yoga mouna

Yoga Mouna – Keep Me Grounded Mat –

Our most beautiful mat


24″ X 74″ X 1/4″ Premium
Latex-free and Phthalate-free
Textured, Non-slip
Mouna (pronounced Moo-Na) means “the practice of silence.”

In a world where we are bombarded with noise on all levels, a beautiful and unique Mouna Mat is a gentle reminder to take the time to quiet your soul, appreciate the moment and stand well-grounded in this creative world we live in. These mats are printed from original oil paintings by Beth Cars

on onto textured, non-slip mats. Need a reminder to stay grounded. This mat does that.


Pranayama –   Yoga Meditation Breath –  sit comfortably and breathe deeply in and out through your nose, Send the Breath to the areas of your body that are holding tension.  Relax into the breath.  Deep and Full Breaths.

Nutritional News –  Nutrient deficiencies contribute greatly to the DIS-EASES of many people.  That is to say that with proper diet these illnesses would not exist.  The following study illustrates this and supports our belief that the right supplements can enhance your health. Our Nutrition Products Rated Superior to any others on the market.

                Landmark Study Shaklee Difference


Essential Oil Essential Oil Blend

                                                                            3 drops Sandalwood Oil

                                                                            2 drops Lavender Oil

                                                                            3 drops Bergamot or Orange Oil

                                                                              Mix with Carrier Oil


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Love Your Child Within -Week 4 Of Wellness

Child's Pose

Wellness is balance between the body, mind and spirit. Yoga can help you achieve that balance.  Thanks for joining us on your journey.

Posture of the week – Child’s Pose (Garbhasana) begin in kneeling position, feet together folding your torso over thighs resting your forehead on the floor in front of you or use a yoga block resting your arms  on the floor along side your body with palms facing up.  Another way to use Child’s Pose is to keep big toes together and spreading your knees to slide your torso between you knees and sliding forward to rest forehead on the floor in front of you. Hands together palms on the floor sliding away from you to stretch away from your head.

Wisdom – The Universe provides, protects and nurtures.

Mantra – LAM with sound of O like in oh.  Seed Sound or Chant for the Root Chakra cleanses and opens you up to feelings of security keeps you connected and grounded using the body as an instrument.

We found this youtube video you might like:

LAM mantra

Mudra – (Dhyana – mudra) is the meditation gesture done by resting your hands in your lap, right over left with palms facing up and tips of the thumbs touching.

Affirmation –  “I am safe and secure.”

Featured Product Of The Week –  Meditation Kit

Yoga Meditation Kit – Zabuton Meditation Cushion
Round Cotton Zafu Meditation Cushion
Our Meditation Kit includes everything you need to meditate in comfort. For even better meditation experience add an eye cushion, box of incense, and sign into your membership page for some sounds and meditation suggestions.

Pranayama (Yoga Breathing) – Easy Breathing Exercise begins in a comfortable seated position.  Breath easily and comfortably for a few breaths… then, inhale through your nose counting 1 – 2- 3- 4- 5 … to your maximum breath capacity extending the belly with your breath. Pause.  Exhale through your nose counting until your lungs are empty. Pause. Continue inhaling fully and exhaling fully until a full breath breathing rhythm is established.

Nutritional Advice:  You can get your greens!  Just throw a bunch of spinach into your morning smoothie.  My Shaklee shakes often carry an extra punch with my favorite fruit like pineapple, or berries and as much spinach as I can get into the blender, then, I add the coconut milk (my preference) to the mix and get a very nutritious start to my day.

Essential Oil Blend for your Wellness this week is Eucalyptus and Mint.  This blend is good for your breathing, muscles, skin and hair.   It is refreshing and gives a sense of well-being.

Have a great week yogis!

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Real Yoga – daily practice

real yoga

Real Yoga – daily practice is a blog post  I hope to add to often.  I will create fliers and short videos to go along with this series.  I have many little yoga sessions I use myself.  I will share here or as part of the Goo Roo’s Member Page.

written by Michelle Slaybaugh

The ancient proverb is true.  ‘Every journey begins with one step…’  Today Yogis let’s begin by stepping on the mat!  Explore and embark on the journey of a lifetime.

To begin every day take a few moments to get yourself together.  Sit comfortably or stay in bed, if, you like.  Have a sip of water, use a tissue, then, loosen up a little.

Now, focus only on your breath.  Breathe in through your nose…slowly…..evenly……and as deeply as you can…..Exhale slowly mouth open wide………. repeat three or four more times.

Stretch big and sit up. Breathe deeply through your nose; breathe in through your nose…..out through the nose. Breathing in to the count of 5 – Hold for the count of 5 and exhale for the count of 5 or more if you can.  Cleanse……..Calm.  You may repeat several times.

This is a good set up for a meditation session.

Now, slide out of bed and off to your mat.

Just stand at the top edge of your mat with you arms at your sides.  Feet bare, feel the weight of your body.  Connect to the Earth where your feet meet the mat explore the texture, grip your toes.  Roll around in this stance letting  the sway of your body meandering around the base of your feet.  Feel how great and what ease you feel as you float your body over your feet, weight balanced over the center of your stable feet.
Breathe deeply, radiating upward through the top of your head.  Floating upward knees directly above ankles, hips floating over knees with the core muscles engaged continued to float upward with shoulders over hips.  Drift here for a moment, breathing  easily and deeply.  On inhale drift arms out and overhead. Exhale let arms float down to your sides.

Now for some sun salutations or other practices found on our member page.  Have a Yoga Day!!!!

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Yoga Breath

Meditate at Sea

Today let us continue our exploration on of breath as a way of harnessing our life force and connecting to the invisible force that govern the waves of the ocean, the beat of our own heart and the rhythm of our breath.

Ocean waves on youtube….

Sit or lie comfortably. Inhale in through your nose and out through your nose (if, possible), continue for a few breaths.  Deep cleansing breaths…

Now, look down bringing your chin toward  your chest.  Gently, close off the lower point  of your throat so your breath becomes gravely and makes a breezy sound. Continue with this Ujjayi Breath. Return your gaze to the space in front of you and sit comfortably and breathe with the rhythm of the ocean waves.  Float and Sink.

Feel the support of the earth and the freedom of breath.  Release tension.  Flow………………….Breath in calm exhale peace.  Relax


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Real Yoga – Loosen Up Will You!

Knee To Chest

Yoga is slowing down and taking a moment.  That is a gift in itself, but, when you encompass the dimension of practice with intention you have REAL YOGA. Each day I wake with a new perspective of my life, my body and of where I am going.  Some days begin slowly and painfully, however, once I begin to move the day unfolds as I do.  Each breath bathing my cells with oxygen and a conscious effort to flow with positive thoughts.  REAL YOGA is an expression of flow, strength, warming muscles and lubricating joints.  Body loose and mind free.

Breathing Meditation-

-Breathe –

calm in stress away  – good energy in bad energy out  –  love in fear out  –  peace in anxiety out  –  Breath as the ocean waves  – in and out – Deep cleansing breath-



loosen up will you!

  • Reclined Mountain Pose.  Lie on your back arms at your sides palms facing up. Breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • Knee to Chest Pose –  leaving one leg stretched along the ground, bring the other knee to your chest and hug….a few good breaths.  Switch legs and return to reclined mountain pose.
  • Grab your feet with each hand and hold them up in the air resting on your back.  Begin rolling your arms and feet around playfhappy-baby-poseully to loosen your hip flexors.  Rock around on your back, if, you like for a nice massage.  This is Happy Baby Pose.
  • Sit in a comfortable seat on the floor and just breath in an out smoothly and deeply for a moment.  Try closing off the lower throat a little causing the breath to vibrate slightly in and out,  This is Aujjayi  Breath.
  • Place your hands in your lap cupping the right over the left for men and left over right for women palms up with thumbs gently touching at the tips in a receptive gesture.  This is BUDDHA MUDRA.
  • Now just relax and enjoy rolling your shoulders forward then backward and maybe a few neck rolls too.
  • Move to hands and knees and roll the hip joints and shoulder joints around, then on hands and knees move with breathe inhale into an arched back Cat Pose then exhale to a sway back Cow Pose.
  • Slide your sitting bones back to rest over  your heals stretching the hands along the floor away from you to Child’s Pose. Breathe easy here. Raise up a little and like a key slide the top of you right hand along the floor to pass under the opposite shoulder to twist.  Return to center and try that on the other side.
  • Roll onto your tummy and stretch your arms away from your center like you are flying Superman.  Relax down to the floor head turned to the side.  Lift your head along with your right hand and left foot on a large inhale. Exhale release back to the floor then get that on the other side.
  • Roll over and stretch out to Reclined Mountain Pose.  Breathing very deeply and surrendering each part of your body to the Earth…arms are heavy and relaxed, legs go slack, relax your face, your jaw your chest and shoulders. Let your whole body become fully relaxed and supported by the Earth.



The previous series was create  for me to transition  back into regular practice after an illness or injury.  When I wake up and  think its been a while sinch I’ve had a good stretch…. OR ……too sleepy to move…..  Once I get started I’m off and running.  I like to follow up each session with a few sun salutations and a little while of FOY.