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  • Free Yoga Class

    Free Sun Salutation Download

    Enjoy your Free Sun Salutation Flier
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  • New Yoga Studio Beauty

    Goo Roo’s Membership Get Started Kit

    Personalized Yoga Practice- Membership includes access to the best natural products in the world, discounts on merchandise, one private intro class. Michelle's intro to yoga kit- printouts and accessories, a yoga mat, strap and water bottle. You will have log in access to a variety of classes, aides and all the best wellness resources we can compile. Price plus tax and shipping and handling.
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  • Yoga Meditation Kit

    Yoga Meditation Kit

    Zabuton Meditation Cushion Round Cotton Zafu Meditation Cushion Our Meditation Kit includes everything you need to meditate in comfort. For even better meditation experience add an eye cushion, box of incense, and sign into your membership page for some sounds and meditation suggestions.
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  • Dragonfly Natural Rubber Performance Yoga Mat

    Dragonfly Natural Rubber Lite Yoga Mat

    72" X 25" X 5mm Dense natural tree rubber Textured surface enhances grip and performance Thick and dense mat provides incredible stability Innovative features combined with natural rubber materials strike perfect balance between performance and eco. The Dragonfly Natural Rubber Performance Yoga Mat was designed for enhanced performance providing added stability comfort, cushion and grip. This mat is completely non-toxic, biodegradable, recyclable, and contains no PVC. Color may fade over time, if, left in direct sunlight. Engineered for sustainability, its easy to see why this mat is a Yogis Choice product.
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  • Yoga Ball - 65cm Anti Burst

    Yoga Ball 65cm Anti Burst Deluxe

    65cm for people 5'6" to 6' tall textured non-slip Extra thick and puncture resistant-bends. This is what you need. If, you need a different size send me a note on our home page and I'll send you a link.
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  • Yoga Strap D ring

    Yoga Strap with D-ring

    Extra Long 10' X 1.5" 100% Cotton Strap with D-Ring Buckle Available in our beautiful variety of colors to match up your yoga accessories.
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  • Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket

    Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket



     74" x 52"
     Weighs about 2.4 lbs.
     Machine washable
     50% acrylic, 40% polyester, and 10% cotton
     High quality, bright colors
    Our bright, beautiful Traditional Mexican Yoga Blankets enhance any home or professional yoga space. If you operate a yoga studio, we know cleanliness is important. You'll be glad to know that these blankets can be washed in a regular washing machine. Wash after wash, they hold their shape, color and super soft texture! Spoil your students by giving them a selection of more than a dozen woven color blends including blue, green, teal, purple, red, brown, gray, burgundy, pink and more. This high-quality, extra large yoga blanket is super soft. At 74"x52", the blanket is big enough to cover your whole body when lying down. Use this loosely woven blanket for warmth, comfort or lend support and extra padding for yoga poses such as shoulder stand or plow. PLEASE NOTE: Tassle colors vary from whites, naturals, and grays.
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  • Goo Roo's Favorite Solid Muscle Massage Roller

    Goo Roo’s Favorite Solid Muscle Massage Roller

    11.8" length X 4.3" circumference Diminishes Aches and Pains Accelerates Recovery Improve Facia Made with heat resistant ABS and non-toxic EVA, this trapezoid shaped roller is great for reducing muscle pain. Reflexology anyone?
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  • Yoga Mouna - Keep Me Grounded Mat - Our most beautiful mat

    Yoga Mouna – Keep Me Grounded Mat – Our most beautiful mat

    24" X 74" X 1/4" Premium Latex-free and Phthalate-free Textured, Non-slip Mouna (pronounced Moo-Na) means "the practice of silence." In a world where we are bombarded with noise on all levels, a beautiful and unique Mouna Mat is a gentle reminder to take the time to quiet your soul, appreciate the moment and stand well-grounded in this creative world we live in. These mats are printed from original oil paintings by Beth Carson onto textured, non-slip mats. Need a reminder to stay grounded. This mat does that.
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  • Yoga Mats in Many Colors 1/4" Deluxe Premium

    Yoga Mats in Many Colors 1/4″ Deluxe Premium

    Coordinate your yoga accessories as they all come in this beautiful assortment of colors. These are our top sellers and are just great for stability during yoga practice.
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  • Yoga Kit for Him

    Yoga Kit for Him

    Our Yoga Kit for Him includes a FREE 8 oz. bottle of Stirlen Chi Yoga Mat Spray all natural cleaner together with all the yoga accessories you need for your everyday yoga workouts, including more advanced routines. These are all studio quality products used by yoga professionals at leading studios and gyms around the world. We also have many great DVDs available that you can use to practice in the comfort of your own home. The Yoga Kits for Him include one YogaAccessories Premium Weight Yoga Mat, one Black OM Cotton Yoga Mat Bag, one 8' D-Ring Yoga Strap, two 4''x6''x9'' Foam Yoga Blocks, and one Stirlen Chi Yoga Mat Spray Bottle (8 oz.) all natural cleaner to keep all your yoga equipment clean. You save an additional 10% on our already low prices by buying these items as a kit. Yoga kits are perfect to give as a gift or to purchase for yourself or a friend or loved one to get started on the Yoga journey! These products are very high quality and are available in a variety of colors. This kit is an unbelievable value, and makes a perfect gift.
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  • Premium Yoga Kit for Her in Pink/Purple

    Premium Yoga Kit for Her in Pink/Purple

    1/4 " extra thick yoga mat 6' D-ring strap Large Nylon Yoga Bag 2 - 4" X 6" X 9" Yoga Blocks Stirlen Yoga Mat Spray Bottle 8 oz.
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Showing 1–12 of 37 results

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