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Yoga Is…  By Michelle Slaybaugh

Yoga Is…

Yoga is the doorway, the road, the journey and the destination at once.



An ancient Hindu practice, yoga, has a unique quality of being the goal and the process of reaching the goal. Practitioners combine the elements of yoga practice to achieve a yogic state of being. Yoga practice incorporate mindful diet and hygiene, mindful practice of yoga asana and pranayama (yoga breathing) to purify and calm or energized, leading to quintessential existence. Living a yoga lifestyle promotes peace and harmony within and without, creating a feeling of wholeness -union with the source. Yogic lifestyle denotes a person living in harmony with reverence to knowledge, service through peace and quiet mind, healthy body, and blissful existence. The ultimate goal of yoga is union (yoke) with the Divine, I AM, the One, the Source, the Creator, or Universal Consciousness or other incarnations of the one true God.

Yoga is the process of disciplining the body, mind and spirit to the best possible expression of the Divine. I like how Christy Turlington explains the I AM connection. “We are all part of our divine maker and creation itself, when we accept that divine connection, we have begun on the path. Yoga allows us to experience this connection.” She goes on to say that through the yoking of our bodies, minds, and hearts to a higher power of existence, we awaken the Shakti, or spiritual energy hidden within and our highest capabilities are revealed. Once we make that connection we will be able to access it readily.

Yoga originated in the early civilizations of India; some scholars say as early and 3000 B.C.E. Traditions, stories, hymns, rituals and practices were long passed down verbally, but, later found there way into the ancient writings of the Upanishads and later the teachings of Patanjali. Yoga has been around for a very long time, however, today is experiencing widespread appeal. This brings us to the realization that the ancient art and philosophy is enduring and evolving even today.

By – Michelle Slaybaugh, Yoga Instructor & Studio Owner


Real Yoga – Loosen Up Will You!

Yoga is slowing down and taking a moment.  That is a gift in itself, but, when you encompass the dimension of practice with intention you have REAL YOGA. Each day I wake with a new perspective of my life, my body and of where I am going.  Some days begin slowly and painfully, however, once I begin to move the day unfolds as I do.  Each breath bathing my cells with oxygen and a conscious effort to flow with positive thoughts.  REAL YOGA is an expression of flow, strength, warming muscles and lubricating joints.  Body loose and mind free.

Breathing Meditation-

-Breathe –

calm in stress away  – good energy in bad energy out  –  love in fear out  –  peace in anxiety out  –  Breath as the ocean waves  – in and out – Deep cleansing breath-



  • Reclined Mountain Pose.  Lie on your back arms at your sides palms facing up. Breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • Knee to Chest Pose –  leaving one leg stretched along the ground, bring the other knee to your chest and hug….a few good breaths.  Switch legs and return to reclined mountain pose.
  • Grab your feet with each hand and hold them up in the air resting on your back.  Begin rolling your arms and feet around playfhappy-baby-poseully to loosen your hip flexors.  Rock around on your back, if, you like for a nice massage.  This is Happy Baby Pose.
  • Sit in a comfortable seat on the floor and just breath in an out smoothly and deeply for a moment.  Try closing off the lower throat a little causing the breath to vibrate slightly in and out,  This is Aujjayi  Breath.
  • Place your hands in your lap cupping the right over the left for men and left over right for women palms up with thumbs gently touching at the tips in a receptive gesture.  This is BUDDHA MUDRA.
  • Now just relax and enjoy rolling your shoulders forward then backward and maybe a few neck rolls too.
  • Move to hands and knees and roll the hip joints and shoulder joints around, then on hands and knees move with breathe inhale into an arched back Cat Pose then exhale to a sway back Cow Pose.
  • Slide your sitting bones back to rest over  your heals stretching the hands along the floor away from you to Child’s Pose. Breathe easy here. Raise up a little and like a key slide the top of you right hand along the floor to pass under the opposite shoulder to twist.  Return to center and try that on the other side.
  • Roll onto your tummy and stretch your arms away from your center like you are flying Superman.  Relax down to the floor head turned to the side.  Lift your head along with your right hand and left foot on a large inhale. Exhale release back to the floor then get that on the other side.
  • Roll over and stretch out to Reclined Mountain Pose.  Breathing very deeply and surrendering each part of your body to the Earth…arms are heavy and relaxed, legs go slack, relax your face, your jaw your chest and shoulders. Let your whole body become fully relaxed and supported by the Earth.


Knee to chest

The previous series was created for me to transition  back into regular practice after an illness or injury.  When I wake up and  think its been a while since I’ve had a good stretch…. OR ……too sleepy to move…..  Once I get started I’m off and running.  I like to follow up each session with a few sun salutations and a little while of FOY.