Massage Therapy

Many times in my experience when I have felt lethargic, achy or particularly tense, I find much relief through massage. Over the years I have learned methods and found tools for self-massage that are quite amazing. Massage in combination with good diet, exercise, hygiene and activities that promote spiritual well-being can truly enrich one’s life. Some feel better immediately after practicing massage . It seems to boost the immune system and gives benefits in the circulatory system as well.

Everyday pressures can cause tension in the body which can lead to dis – ease and pain. Here is a good exercise to relieve tension in the neck and shoulders. My physician recommended it to relieve back pain caused by long work hours, especially at the computer.

To begin stand or sit comfortably, shrug the shoulders upward holding the muscles tight. Release, Drop Shoulders and Repeat. Following several series of this roll them forward and backward 10 times.

Massage Tools Don’t forget that nifty physical therapy trick of using a long sock with a tennis ball pushed down into the toe. Flip it over your shoulder and use a wall to roll the ball around and into tight muscles. Try it! If you need me to make you one I will be glad to.

Body Rock

Body Rock available under products! Get one you’ll love it. Good vibrations bring astounding results. I met with the Body Rocks creator again this summer. I purchased a new on for myself, as mine was lost in the house fire. I didn’t realize how much I missed it. Oh, yes I did. Get one for yourself!!!!

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