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We hope you will enjoy exploring our site.  We can help with your journey.. Tired of being tired? Wonder what people mean when they talk about having passion? Do you want to experience what it means to live an exceptional “in the moment,” life? We did too. This marketplace is a kind of doorway to the exceptionalism we aspired to. Good times in good health with good food in a beautiful relaxing home. We want that for you too!

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Membership has its perks!  When you join you will receive Michelle’s exclusive yoga kit.  In this kit you will find a mat, strap, water bottle, incense or tea candle, and your first yoga class.  You will also have access to all our wonderful products.  We have the best natural products and some really groovy items to make life easier and more enjoyable.  We hope you enjoy the membership page with its yoga classes and tools.  We would also love you to take the membership further and join our online and in studio yoga classes.

Goo Roo’s is about WELLNESS and gaining a stronger connection with our body, mind and spirit. It also hopes to improve our connection to the Earth. One Planet One Life. We are students in the subjects of daily life: home making, gardening, personal health, prosperity, thrift & crafts, cooking, aromatherapy, yoga, massage and reflexology, raising kids and pets, decorating, love and art. This site contains items we found to be helpful in gaining organization and a sense of well-being. We are on a journey of knowledge, walk with us.

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Our purpose is to offer goods and services that enrich the lives of our customers. Groovy Stuff are creative solutions to life’s little problems. We will shop for you. Each inquiry and orders are fulfilled personally.


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Wellness is reality when you take control of your health.

Why Shaklee?  Many may be reluctant to believe all the amazing things I can say about this company.  I am a distributor because I know the products work, and I love the company.  Shaklee represents everything I aspired to create when I first began to discover natural ways of combating my chronic illness and to be strong.  Well, I met Molly Luke and learned about these products and the rest is history.

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My Shaklee Story-

Shaklee and Yoga changed my life!

Before Shaklee entered my life I was a person who always sought to feel better. I had been plagued with chronic bursitis since age 12 and asthma for 15 years or so. I felt that my job compromised my health by surrounding me with chemicals and pushing my body to its’ limits. After work I could hardly move and in the morning I was severely stiff and achey all over. I also had to compensate constantly for my compromised breathing. Yoga really helped, but, it was difficult to keep up with. Then, one morning with my feet solidly set at the bottom of our staircase I realized I had run down the stairs.  I had been running up and down the steps all week. This changed after only a few weeks using Shaklee multivitamins and protein shakes. Ending what had been a daily struggle of creeping steps on feet that constantly popped and snapped, then, shuffled down the stairs one step at a time, literally. Normal movement coming later in the day, if, at all. That was just the start of years of increased vitality and strength. I use yoga and Shaklee together now to create a better life. Join today and you will too.

I began to Shakleeize my home years ago. My medical conditions have improved, medications reduced, and my ability to do yoga is better than ever. Now, I buy all my personal care, laundry, housekeeping and nutritional products through my own distributorship at significant discount. The more my customers and friends use the more free products and bonuses I earn. I love the Shaklee Company and all their products. Goo Roo’s and Shaklee are synergistic for proactive health and wellness. Join today!

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You Can Dance. Week 7 Of Wellness

Dancer Pose

You can dance and you should.  Dancing like yoga is a fun form of exercise and it creates those happy hormones!  Dance, smile and laugh, if, you can.  It’s good for your health!

POSTURE – Dancer Pose

WISDOM – Having an attitude of gratitude is a serious game changer for your body, mind and spirit.  Prosperity is drawn to gratitude.

MANTRA – Repeat silently or quietly to yourself,  “Compare no more.”

MUDRA – (Ahamkara Mudra) – practice for 10 minutes for self-confidence – Bend the index finger slightly placing the thumb on the outside about half-way keeping the other fingers outstretched.

AFFIRMATION – Smile and say “I am Pretty (handsome) and I am likable.”

FEATURED PRODUCT – Because it’s so pretty, and so so helpful.  Click the picture to get yours today.

small body rock
small body rock

PRANAYAMA – This technique was developed by Dr. Weil – Begin by pressing your tongue on the gums just behind your front teeth. so that when you exhale a wooshing sound occurs.  Inhale through your nose for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, and exhale for 8 seconds making the wooshing sound. Repeat 3 times.

NUTRITIONAL ADVISE – Yes, salads when you eat them instead of other less nutritious foods will help you lose weight.  Water content and nutrient dense veggies make this a winner for the weight conscious.  Another good thing about salads is that there is an endless variety of ingredient combinations so you won’t get bored.

ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND  – We love a mask of Coconut oil and or Apricot Kernel Oil with 2 drops Frankincense, 5 drops Lavender, 2 drops Patchouli oil and 1 drop of Geranium oil.  Renewal for skin plus your vital energy will increase exponentially.


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Yoga Will Change Your Life.  Goo Roo’s is a personal approach to learning yoga.

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Your Grounded Life – Sixth Week Of Wellness

Mountain Pose Arms Overhead
Mountain Pose Arms Overhead

“Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff and it’s all small stuff… “

the wise title of the wise book full of wisdom by Richard Carlson Ph.D.  Yes, it’s been out for a while but, it still rings true.  Read it again and again to get a new insight or message each time.  Don’t sweat it and remember the key to good communication is listening.

Mountain Pose – (grounding and centering)  Stand with feet solidly on the floor feeling the connection on the four corners of your feet, balancing your weight at the center of the base your feet form.  Drift your weight upward stacking your knees above your ankles, hips aligned above the knees with the shoulders in line with hips.  Gaze forward with sitting bones tucked slightly under, rotate the inner thighs back releasing the lower back. Roll shoulder blades back and down. From the center of your being and up through the top of your head radiate up as if a string were pulling you toward the Universe while staying grounded through your feet.


Mantra – repeat this Tibetan Grounding Mantra silently or aloud

                    OM MANI PADME MUM

Mudra – Prithvi Mudra is good for feeling safe

 Place tip of ring finger to the tip of the thumb.

–                            Prithvi Mudra

 Affirmation –   I am stable. I am secure and strong.

Featured Product –                        KEEP ME GROUNDED MAT – yoga mouna

Yoga Mouna – Keep Me Grounded Mat –

Our most beautiful mat


24″ X 74″ X 1/4″ Premium
Latex-free and Phthalate-free
Textured, Non-slip
Mouna (pronounced Moo-Na) means “the practice of silence.”

In a world where we are bombarded with noise on all levels, a beautiful and unique Mouna Mat is a gentle reminder to take the time to quiet your soul, appreciate the moment and stand well-grounded in this creative world we live in. These mats are printed from original oil paintings by Beth Cars

on onto textured, non-slip mats. Need a reminder to stay grounded. This mat does that.


Pranayama –   Yoga Meditation Breath –  sit comfortably and breathe deeply in and out through your nose, Send the Breath to the areas of your body that are holding tension.  Relax into the breath.  Deep and Full Breaths.

Nutritional News –  Nutrient deficiencies contribute greatly to the DIS-EASES of many people.  That is to say that with proper diet these illnesses would not exist.  The following study illustrates this and supports our belief that the right supplements can enhance your health. Our Nutrition Products Rated Superior to any others on the market.

                Landmark Study Shaklee Difference


Essential Oil Essential Oil Blend

                                                                            3 drops Sandalwood Oil

                                                                            2 drops Lavender Oil

                                                                            3 drops Bergamot or Orange Oil

                                                                              Mix with Carrier Oil